5 Safest Places to Travel in India Post Covid (2021)

5 Safest Places to Travel in India Post Covid (2021)

Is covid-19 stopping you? In these hard times, traveling does look difficult or we could say next to impossible. That’s what you all are wondering that where to travel during covid but relax, we are going to show you best places to visit in 2021 in India. Some amazing places where covid is not “allowed” which means it is safe and has a very low risk of getting infected. So let’s see what places you cannot wait to visit and are covid free places to travel in India.

With the deadly virus which we also know as “coronavirus” having the world to surrender itself made life difficult and some people like me who depend or love traveling could only imagine how it was to live and roam freely in this beautiful world.

But now, as we are fighting against it as one team we are defeating it more than ever. God sent some of his warriors in the form of doctors, nurses, everyone who fought against it to overcome such a disaster. we thank them cause now we can travel to our beautiful destination but with all the precautions and safety ..so without any further a due let’s scroll.


Lakshadweep is counted among the best places to travel during covid-19 in India. Lakshadweep is the only place in the country with zero corona cases. Yeah, you read it correctly there is not a single confirmed case by the government.

With the beauty it possesses and the strict safety measures it has to be on the top of our list.


Covid test is mandatory for those who are without a valid certificate. After the covid test, you have to be in quarantine which is imposed by the state government, or “institutional quarantine” till your covid results are out.

With only 1111 active cases, goa is safe and beautiful As always to visit.

3.Arunachal Pradesh

Everyone arriving at Arunachal Pradesh will have to perform a “rapid antigen test ” at the border.

But with 269 active corona cases, there is nothing to worry about.


I know some mountain lovers are eagerly waiting for this name to come under this list so need not to worry Uttarakhand government has listened to you and reopened tourism in Uttarakhand.

With the test positivity rate of Uttarakhand to be 5.6 percent only it’s quite safe to visit the wonderful place and make sure to have a tick on your bucket list.


Meghalaya is one the most beautiful and safest places in India. When on arriving has to perform 48 hours of institutional quarantine.

Out of 12645 corona cases, Meghalaya has recovered 11927 leaving just 594 active corona cases. that’s an impressive number!

So what are you waiting for! Book your ride and enjoy the beautiful sight with your eyes and make some amazing memories.

Mention : As world is growing so fast and our schedule becoming more and more hectic traveling is like a “therapy” to many of us. So as we book our ride and pack our bag to travel, we will make a pledge to ourselves that while doing so we will always take all the safety measures and follow all the protocols issued by the state government . Be safe and keep everyone safe .

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