What is Gardening:-Definition, and History
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What is Gardening:-Definition, and History

Are you bored with usual Gardening definition? Here you will know what is gardening in simple words: Gardening is an  art of practice of growth and cultivation of plants  like herbs, flowers, vegetables, and fruits. Gardening means growing, taking care of plants and working in the garden. Many people loves gardening but for some people, gardening is just a hobby, while for other people it is an essential part of life. People are growing fruits and vegetables in their home’s rooftop, balcony, and outside of the house. The national gardening survey report that people are spending more on gardening especially on food gardening is more popular.

Definition – What does Garden mean?

Garden is a plot of land, a rich well-cultivated region, usually outdoors, for enjoyment in which grass, flowers, shrubs, fruit, and vegetable may be grown. The most popular form of a garden is a residential garden. According to a survey, 30% of the houses in the world have a garden.

Most of the garden grow plants and some garden based on animal farming is called a zoological garden. A garden with greenhouses for the culture, study, and exhibition of special plants are known as botanical garden. In botanical garden plants with their botanical names displayed in the garden.

History of gardening

Ancient gardening

Have you ever thought how gardening is started?  or from where the idea of gardening comes from?

Forest gardening like  food gardening is the oldest form of gardening . In the ancient times people do food gardening near they lived in forest so that they being protected from animals and other people.They don’t go anywhere for searching of food. This idea of gardening is the oldest form of gardening we called it forest based gardening.

Botanical Garden, Ooty source :Fabulous Life

Gardening soil: Minerals,Water,Mulch,Air

Healthy soil is the most important ingredient for the healthy garden. If the garden soil is good then it is less necessary to use pesticide and fertilizers. Proper pH is also an essential factor of healthy and fertile soil. Food, water, shelter, and air are an essential element of soil. pH value is a measure of the acidity and alkalinity in soils. pH levels range from 0 to 14, with 7 being neutral, below 7 acidic and above 7 alkalines.


Minerals are an essential part of your healthy soil but rain, freezing, thawing, and other chemical and biological processes are unbalanced the texture of the soil. Nutrients availability are different in different type of soil which in turn influence how well your plants will grow.


Every living being requires water to live likewise plants need water but not too much or too little. Healthy soil requires about 25% of water. The soil has both small and large pore spaces. In sandy soil, there were too much pore spaces are there which quickly absorbs water therefore cannot be used by plants.


Mulch allows your plants to add organic matter without disturbing them from roots. Organic mulches (straw, hay, grass clippings, shredded bark) which cover your soil from rain, heat, cold and helps in add organic material without digging up them from roots. Mulches also reduce water loss through evaporation and help in plant growth. Inorganic mulches (pebbles, gravel, black plastic, landscape fabrics) also help in reducing water evaporation and does not need to be replaced every year. Inorganic mulches do not attract insects and rodents.
Mulch also helps to:

keep moisture
In summer it helps in cooling the soil
Improve soil aeration
Improve weed growth


Air is a very crucial part of life whether human being or plants. Healthy soil is about 25 percent air. Plants need air both above the ground and in the soil as well. In the process of photosynthesis, plants use air above the ground and Air in the soil takes atmospheric nitrogen that can be converted into a usable form for plants.

Gardening benefits


It had been proven that gardening has significant benefits both physically and mentally. Gardening is not only limited to grow plants and vegetables but gardening is a Moderate-intensity exercise which helps people to live longer, reduce stress and helps in loneliness.

Gardening increases mental health and reduces stress problems.  People do gardening as their hobby because Gardening is one of the most interesting hobbies. Gardening gives pleasure who do gardening.

  • Remove stress
  • Live long
  • Hobby
  • Helpful for environment
  • Help in loneliness
  • Moderate-intensity exercise
  • Regulate Immune system

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