Winter Gardening

Winter Gardening

A Guide To Winter Gardening

Nature is so beautiful. We all are surrounded by nature; without it, we can’t even exist in the imagination

By Avi Pareek

Nature is so beautiful. We all are surrounded by nature; without it, we can’t even exist in the imagination. We should take care of plants and we should grow gardens in our home as well. They provide positive vibes to us. If we talk about winter gardening, there are many thoughts strike into mind as in which plant, we should use for gardening in winters, what are the ways to grow a plant in winters?

Every gardener knows that under the cloak of winter lies a miracle … a seed waiting to sprout, a bulb opening to the light, a bud straining to unfurl.  And the anticipation nurtures our dream.
–  Barbara Winkler



How To Take Care Of Plants In Winters

Sometimes at winter fall snow covers the land that turns plants into a dormant plant. Here hardiness comes into the picture. Winter-hardy is the ability of plants to survive in adverse weather conditions. As we know that winter is coming and we should start preparations to protect our garden before a winter frost kill them.

First to protect the soil to get ruined as it works like womb’s outer layer for a plant. Always use organic material with soil to maintain its fertility and protect it from vermin that is harmful for crops and soil as well.

Create a wall or shield of bricks or stones to protect it from getting eroded. Prepare small greenhouses with recyclable waste like plastic bottles, canes, cut them half and cover the plant which helps provide added warmth to the plants. 

Prepare temporary tunnels with plastic pipes that shield the plant from uneven whether conditions. Use enough unit of zinc and phosphorous to increase and maintain the fertility of soil. Put the container’s plant over a base either of bricks or stones or a specially designed base to drain away the excess water.

When To Water Plants In Winters

If your plants are not living yet in winters or they are not growing up, you might be thinking of how to keep plants alive in winter! During cold chilly weather, when snow layer over the grass and crops, its an important thing to be done. Generally we water the plants when they seems to be dry to touch but when we are thinking about winter gardening a solution must always be there to water the plants or to protect them. The first water of day works as a protective layer of warmth that required keeping them alive indeed. It helps lock the water in roots to keep them warm against chilly winds.

Best Plants Grow In Winters

All-weather are different from each other, it is not suitable for all plants. They all have their specific properties and qualities to grow in different weathers. Such as carrots, cabbage these are specifically provided by the god in winters only. We can use these plants for winter gardening:

 1. Spinach: Its green leaves plants enriched with iron that is suitable for our health as well.


2. Chard: It can tolerate harsh cold. 


3. Lettuce: It can survive in chilly winters but can’t tolerate frost. It is called a multi-leave plant.


4. Onions and Shallots: They take time to grow in winters. They need more care in winter. 


5. Broad beans: It is easy to sow the plants of beans. Tips of this plant are quite delicious. 


6. Peas: Peas are an awesome vegetable to eat as raw vegetables and cooked as well. 


7. Pak choi: It is enriched with an ample amount of Folic acid, Vitamin C, Calcium, and Iron. These are beneficial to keep you healthy. 

8. Garlic: It is a root vegetable that takes time to grow.


How To Keep Indoor Plants Warm In Winters

It’s not tough that much to protect the plant in winters. Sometimes windowsills and shelves treated as death row to kill plants without any proper care. This is due to lack of watering the plants. These windowsills provide added warmth to plants in the day only but at night they will be medium to kill the plants by frost. If your home has a conservatory to provide warmth to the plants to keep them alive in winters this is a gift for plants. They will love it. To protect your indoor plants in the night, you can seal-up your windows so that leaky windowsill won’t kill the plants and insulate the doors as well. 
There are some other ways for winter care of plants: 

1. Bubble wrap: This is very old and easiest way to protect the plants in winters is to cover the plants with bubble wrap. It creates an insulating layer to protect plants from chilly winds.
2. Programmable radiators: They are environment-friendly to keep the room warm and can adjust according to room temperature. 

3. Heat lamps: Heat lamps can provide enough warmth to plants and they can be treated as a decorative item for plants to add a stylish flair to the house.

4. Heat mats: They provide warmth from below the plants or from the surface of plants to keep them warm and protect against winters. They help maintain the temperature of plants with respect to the room’s environment to keep them alive and to make them able to survive against cold weather. 


5. Electric white goods: You can keep the plants on your fridge that is placed at a place where natural light can pass through; again there are two benefits of doing this. One is the main benefit about which we are talking about that is to protect them against the frost and another one is to décor your house. They can be considered as a good medium to decorate your house. You need to take care while watering the plants to protect them from electric shock.

 Plants are an important part of our life. We can’t even imagine living without them. They are vital sources of oxygen. When we enter into the house and we see a beautiful garden that was maintained properly, we delight to see garden. That is a great and soothing experience to our eyes and spread a positive vibe around them. It is our duty to save them from anything. We can follow the above-mentioned method for winter gardening in order to keep plants alive in winters and deadly frost.

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